Bob Stevens
2 min readJan 5, 2020


Trump is insane and is loose on the world. What do we do?

Sick cult pervert and his braindead slaves get control of your plane. How did they get in? And they just flew us all into a worldwide hornets nest by assassinating one of the top leaders of the Iranian government without any consultation with the Congress.

This site will try to address this awful challenge we face. A new world war centered but to be spread from the middle east to wherever you and I live is a horrible possibility. Don’t be foolish and have the fantasy that this might “just” be an Iran event. This “hornet” has worldwide presence, including within the United States! Military, cyber, dedicated individuals and groups, allies, desperation, fanaticism, hatred, all cocked and motivated to respond to this attack and destruction of one of their top leaders.

Iran believes they have the right to develop nuclear weapons as many nations including most of our allies, including some of their enemies, Israel and the US for two examples, have been allowed to do. They think they need protection from us. Are they wrong?

We, this nation, have been literally taken over. Trump and his sick tribe are a deadly force that could destroy us. You and I will either rise and do what needs to be done to prevent a disaster for our time, our kids, way of life or go down in history as pathetic, passive victims of preventable, attackable, reversible perversion and evil.

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