Bob Stevens
1 min readMay 11, 2021

Ransomware Scourge

Any doubt after years of this abortion of ransomware and ZERO impact or solutions by our (laughingly) national experts on security, national defense, cyber anything, that we have nothing but mental midgets and frauds at the helm of our national cyber policing world? Total fools, incompetents and with their literal ignorance, lack of effort, guilty of criminal negligence that has to cause at the very least firing and removal, but for me, MORE.

News today says Feds say Colonial should not pay ransom demand. If not, do WHAT? 3 years ago the FBI told me when I got ransomed by a dogshit who took over my computer hard drive, and spun it till it burned and cost me thousands that I should have just paid because, “we just do not know how else to handle this”. !!!! What has changed by now? NOTHING. Hospitals, colleges, corporations, individuals like me pay hundreds of billions of ransom yearly in the US! And most are so embarrassed they pay and shut up!

This is war!!!Let’s go to war. Find and kill these fascist pig groups and enter other nations like the Israelis do if the countries, like Russia, China, Iran, or other sewer rats elsewhere are found out by our non-brilliant spooks. We have a right to protect our interests if others do not want to. Hard ass solution? You bet your ass! Our nation is under constant attack. Teach others how to treat you or rot as a suicidal coward!!!! Have a nice day…..